Frequently asked questions

No. Clono is running on tablets controlled by the Tournament Organiser. It is not possible for the players to use their own devices in official tournaments.

No. Clono does not provide any assistance to the players.
* There is no move validation, meaning that illegal moves can be recorded.
* There is no identification of check mate, stale mate, 3-fold repetition or 50-move rule.
* In the scoresheet it is possible to continue the game from any of the situations above.

Yes. When the game is finished the players can watch and/or download the pgn of the game. They can also get the game in a reader friendly printout-form. 

Yes. If you are in a situation (time trouble and no increment) where you are not obliged to record the actual move, it is possible to quickly just record a dash to keep count of number moves made. This is done by swiping across the move table (lower left corner). When the moves later are recorded, the dashes are replaced by the algebraic notation for the move. 

Yes. It is easy to record a draw offer in the scoresheet. This is done be doing a long press on the move in the move table (lower left corner). The move in question will be tagged with a "=" indicating the draw offer. To remove an incorrect recorded draw offer, simply do a new long press on the move.

If the internet breaks during game, the only consequence is that the live broadcast stops. Clono scoresheet on the tablets works as normal, and the players will not be affected. When internet is back, the live feed resumes. 

If a tablet breaks or runs out of battery during a game, the broken tablet can quickly be replaced by a spare tablet. In the Admin Panel, quickly assign the spare tablet to the table for the broken tablet. The replacement tablet will collect the latest game state from server, and the game can continue. 

This will depend on the tablets battery size. With Lenovo 10 inch tablets the battery lasts for approximately 20 hours, making it easy to run a double round on one day without charging in between the rounds.

Tip: In the Admin Panel the battery status for all tablets are always visible and there are alerts for low battery. 

Yes. In the Admin Panel, the tournament organiser can define a delay for the live feed, e.g 15 minutes. The delay is set on group level and is managed under settings for the groups.

Yes. As a logged in administrator will watch the games without delay.  

There are no current plans for iOS implementation. The reason is that Android devices are a lot cheaper (decent tablets for the purpose can be purchased for less than half the price of an iPad).

Clono works fine with Android 6 upwards.

Each player uses a tablet records the full game history. The data from both tablets are sent to the server and saved in the database. On the live feed however, the latest received game history is presented, so in case the two tablets have a different game history, the live presentation will alternate between the two game histories, depending on which player did the the last update.

Same goes for the result - the latest result recorded is presented on the live broadcast. In tournaments it now and then happens that one tablet has the incorrect game history, and that this tablet was the last updating the server. The easy fix is to then re-record the result on the tablet with correct game history, and then the live feed will be updated accordingly.

Yes, this is possible and very common. Tournament organisers might start out with using Clono Scoresheets on a few tables first.

Clono does not have it's own pairing engine, and the games must be defined in Clono after pairing is done in the pairing system.

We are looking for more integrations with pairing systems and/or easier import of game pairings.

At present, Clono have integration with TournamentService, and all tournament info with players and pairings can be imported. So when a round is paired in TournamentService, Clono can be updated with these pairings instantly. There is also a result integration, so that when a result is recorded on a Clono tablet, the result also goes to the pairing system.

No, there is no known limits. 60 tablets have successfully been used in tournaments without problem. There for sure is a limit, and we will embrace that challenge if/when it appears 😊.

It is however always important to make sure that the WiFi in the tournament hall can manage the amount of tablets, and that the internet connectivity is good and stable.

This one-pager gives the player a short description of how Clono Scoresheet works. It can be printed and put on the table before the first round.

Yes. In the admin panel any game in a tournament can be set to be not published by disabling the "watch" tag. The game will then not be visible for the audience and will not appear in search results.