Getting started with Clono

Clono consists of 3 key elements:

The Scoresheet App

The Admin Panel

The Audience Site

The Clono Scoresheet App can be downloaded on Google Play. We recommend using a 7" - 10" tablet, although it will also work on smaller Android devices.

If you plan to use Clono for single games only, you can start using the system immediately after installing the app. Just open the app and select “Quick Game”. Your games can be watched live on

The Admin Panel is for creating a tournament and using the Clono Scoresheet App in a tournament structure. The basic principle is that the tablets are assigned to logical chess tables in the tournament. Let’s say you have a tournament with Group Masters and Group Amateurs, and you want to use Clono on table 1 and 2 in Group Amateurs, then the tablets can be assigned to these tables. During the tournament, the tablets will receive the games that shall be played on those tables. During play, the tablets will send the game information back to the server, and the games can be watched live. To use Clono for tournaments you must create a user and log in to the Admin Panel.

On the audience site the games can be watched live. After the game, the site can also be used by the players themselves to download the pgn. There are several ways to use the audience site:

Clono Chess Cast: Watch multiple games at the same time. This page is practical for use on PC and big screens e.g in the playing area or in the surrounding areas.

Tournament page: Each tournament created in the Admin Panel gets a unique URL. Example:

Direct link to games: Each games has its unique URL. All games can also be watched with or without computer analysis.

Example URL:

Example URL with analysis:

Search: Tournaments and games can easily be found using the search page

We hope you will appreciate Clono. For more information about Clono, check out the other pages on our web, and/or reach out to us using the contact form.

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