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Tournament use of Clono

Clono Chess Clock and Notation complies with FIDE’s rules of chess and standards for chess equipment for tournaments.

For tournament use of Clono, a user account on Clono Admin Panel is required. If you do not have an account, register here. Please note that the account is subject to manual approval. 

In the Admin Panel the tournament is set up with tournament details, groups, players and games. If you are using TournamentService for tournament management and pairing, the data can be imported directly to Clono. If you use other or no tournament management software, the tournament can be created manually in Clono Admin Panel.  

The tournament is automatically given a pin code in the admin panel, and this pin code is used for connecting the tablets running Clono Chess Clock and Notation to the server. Each tablet is allocated to a fixed table, and when everything is ready set up, the game details including the clock settings are transmitted to the tablets.  

The Clono app can be downloaded for free on Google Play. For best user experience for the players, we recommend using the app on 10-inch tablets. The app is thoroughly tested on Lenovo Tab 10 and Tab4 10 tablets, which are in the lower price range with a price around 120 Euro. The app is only available for Android, not iOS (iPad and iPhone) as iOS devices are much more expensive and considered less relevant for tournament use. 

In the tournament premises, we recommend having a separate and closed WIFI for the tablets. If the network breaks during the games, the only consequence is that the live transmission is delayed. The critical part (the clock and scoresheet function on the tablets) will work regardless of the network status.