Lock down tablets using a Google child account

There are many ways to lock down Android tablets to have it safe for tournament use. This article describes how to do it using a Google child account. 

The admin will be the “parent”. Start with your existing Google account, or create a new regular Google account for the purpose.

Create a Google child account under the parent account. This can be done in the Family link app or during the installation of a new or factory reset tablet,

Install the tablets with the Google child account. During installation, remove all apps not needed to keep the tablet as clean as possible.

The end result is that the tablets are installed with some basic and required system apps. It will not be possible to install any other apps neither from Google Play or third parties/other sources without using the parent’s (admin’s) credentials.

It is possible to have multiple tablets on the same child account, so the same child account can be used for all the tablets.

Learn more in this Google article: Manage your child's Google Account with Family Link

Tip 1: Allow Google Drive to be installed. It is useful for sharing e.g desktop backgrounds/graphics that you want to “brand” your tablets with.

Tip 2: Install the Family link app on your admin device. From the app you can trace and monitor the tablets, you can “ring” them, and you can erase them.

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