Install Clono on multiple tablets in an effective way

A club or organiser would typically like to install many identical tablets with Clono. This can be done very efficient by using Google’s backup and recovery feature to make multiple “clones” of a master tablet.

Procedure on tablet 1:

a) Start by installing tablet number 1 from scratch with a Google child account using the procedure described in this article. During installation, we recommend removing all apps except Google Drive.

b) Install Clono – Fide version from Google Play. You would need the parent/admin password to allow the installation.

c) Start the Clono app, accept the EULA. Insert a PID-code of your choice (hamburger menu – PID) and note it down. The PID-code will make it easy to connect the tablets to tournaments later on. Read more about PID in this article.

d) Prepare Tablet 1 as much as possible until you think it is “perfect”. 

* Install your preferred desktop background/wallpaper (Tip: upload the file to the child’s Google Drive first)

* Connect to or configure the various WIFI’s the tablet will be using

* Remove screen lock (screen lock is a hassle when you manage a lot of tablets). We recommend not having any pin code, and just have a swipe or the screen lock completely off

* Tune brightness and time before screen goes off

* Tune and configure any other preferences, remember: Tablet 1 will be the basis for the other tablets.

* When you have completed the tuning and is happy, run a backup of the tablet (Settings – Google – Backup)

Procedure on tablet 2 onwards:

e) For Tablet 2 onwards, do as follows

* Install the tablet using the same Google child account as for Tablet 1

* When prompted, choose to install/recover the tablet from backup

* Select the backup created for Tablet 1 above

The end result is that all tablets will be a clone of tablet 1 with identical settings and apps. On some tablets, not all settings are recovered from the backup, so check through the adjustments you did in bullet d) above and adjust if necessary on each tablet.

Tip: Disable the automatic backup feature on Tablet 2 onwards to avoid the child account filling up with a lot of backups.

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