Lock down tablets using "Pin app"

There are many ways to lock down Android tablets to have it safe for tournament use. This article describes how to do it using Android's "Pin app" feature. 

You can pin an app's screen to keep it in view until you unpin it. This is useful if you want to lock the tablet to only run Clono. When the Clono app is pinned, it will be kept in view. If the feature is used together with a screen lock pin code, it is not possible to navigate to other apps without knowing the pin-code.

With "Pin app", the administrator can pin the Clono app before putting the tablets on the tables and keeping them safe from tampering.

How to turn on app pinning in settings:

Open the tablet's Settings app.

Tap Security or Security & location and then Advanced and then App pinning.

If you can't find it, get help from your device manufacturer.

Turn on App pinning.

When app pinning is on, you need to enter your PIN, pattern, or password before you can unpin.

How to pin the screen with Clono:

After turning on app pinning:

Open the Clono app.

Swipe up to the middle of your screen. If this doesn't open your Overview, go to the steps for Android 8.1 & below.

At the top of the image, tap the app's icon.

Tap Pin .

If you're using Android 8.1 & below

Open the Clono app.

Tap Overview .

Swipe up to show the Pin . You'll see it at the bottom right of your selected screen.

Tap the Pin .

How to unpin the screen

Gesture navigation: Swipe up and hold.

2-button navigation: Touch and hold Back and Home .

3-button navigation: Touch and hold Back and Overview .

If you're asked for your PIN, pattern, or password, enter it.

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